Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Character Development

I thought since yesterday I talked about point of view I would talk a little about my character development today. Something about writing about point of view reminded me of the whole character issue. My two main characters came to me easy. It was the rest of them that have taken a little longer to develop. Some it has taken almost the whole book to develop.

Naturally my main female character meets a guy she likes, but there has to be a tug of war between the new interest and another one. I decided that there would already be a guy who was in her orbit. Writing dialog for this guy was a little more difficult than writing it for the main male character. I had an idea of what he was like, but he just had not developed into his own voice in my head, yet. About chapter 15 he came through loud and clear. As a result I had to rewrite for him. Starting clear back at chapter 2.

He is not the only character that I have had difficulties writing for. I started out with a group of friends that my main female interacts with. Some characters just did not appear like I had intended them to. Even then other characters who were merely supposed to be just extreme peripheral characters came into her close orbit. One character was only supposed to be discussed, but not really a friend of my main characters, but now she is one of her best friends.

Some of the characters that I have who are side characters in this book I have intended to become more important characters in future books in this series. Yes, I have decided that this will be the first book in a series. I have ideas for th next two books, but I have yet to figure out what exactly will happen in them or how they will unfold. Yes, I also know exactly what will happen to my main two characters in the end. I am not sure how many books I will stretch it out for, though.

One way I have found to work on my character development is to write short stories from these other characters perspectives. I mostly have short stories for my main guy, because the book is not from his perspective. But there are others from the other side characters. It's nice for me to see how they perceive what is taking place. This technique has also helped me to refine my story.

I find that it is very important to be able to describe my characters as thorough as possible. I want my readers to be able to get a good sense of what kind of person they are reading about. I know when I read I like to be able to picture the characters I am reading about. Therefore, I want to make this possible for my readers. Of course, I am finding that I have to go over and revise to make this happen in some cases.

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