Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Character

I thought I would discuss my characters for today’s post. I started out with two main characters and their abilities almost instantly when I came up with my plot idea. They both came into their own fairly easily. It was the supporting characters that have taken a little longer to come into their own.

So I started writing my novel with a rough idea about these characters. As I’ve written they have evolved and shown their true colors. Originally it was just my main girl and guy swirling around in my head. Not anymore. They are all beginning to speak. Some louder than others.

I read a piece in a book last year by one of my favorite authors. She talked about the characters in her series that I so love talking to her and being in her mind. Mind you this was before I started writing my own novel. At the time I thought she was a little off her rocker. Now I totally get what she means. Not that they talk to me, but they are there in my mind and very real to me.

I see these characters in my mind going about their own business. I can see how they react in different situations. When I finish my novel I will do one more big revision to it. I will go over it to make sure I have everything the way I want it before trying to publish it and one of those items is characters. I’m sure they will all be coming over loud and clear in my mind by then.

I’m almost to that point right now. To help me a little better I have started character sheets. I have all of the information I need on each character written down to help make sure everything is straight in the novel for that last revise.

I almost can’t wait for that to come. :)

I’m working on a photo to upload this weekend. I want to bring some more color and life to my blog. Have a good weekend.

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