Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Outline

So I started my novel over a year ago, but it seems like forever ago. In that time I have researched tips on how to write a novel. One thing most of these websites have in common is that you need to have an idea and create an outline of some sort.

I have my idea!

I have my outline!

I’m changing my outline.

And changing it again.

And yet again.

The further I get the more I seem to change. My outline is something that I now like to call a fluid outline. It changes as my characters evolve and the plot unfoldds. I have scrapped the first 6 chapters at least three times each. I have either reworked them to fit a new turn in the plot or rewritten them entirely.

When I first started my main character was seventeen, now she is twenty-one. Characters were there and now they’re gone. New characters have popped up. Point A and Point B have stayed the same it’s just the path by which they have followed that has changed.

I like the idea of having an outline, but for me it has to be fluid. I had a hard time at first dealing with the idea of straying from my outline. I thought I had to make it work. Now the outline changes as new ideas pop up. The further I get the more clear things become. Hence, I am now reworking chapters 2-8. Maybe my next novel will begin in the middle and then I’ll start the beginning after the ending is all figured out. Eventually I’ll get this all under control.

Give me a break, this is my first novel.

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