Monday, June 7, 2010

Point of View

Another little hiccup I have found is whose point of view I wanted to write from.

I have two main characters; love interests - of course. At first my plan was to write from both of their perspectives in each chapter. I even thought of adding in a third perspective occasionally to add another side dimension so my readers would see more of what is happening on the peripheral.

That did not last long. I started my novel, but soon found that I was having difficulties linking the two. I was doing back story on one character and then current perspective on the other. Not working! I gave up and threw out the secondary main character's point of view; the guy.

I began writing from the girls point of view only in first person. About five chapters in and I decided that I wanted to use third person. Possibly because I was reading a book which was written in the third person at the time. I went back over the entire five chapters and changed everything to third person. Let me tell you: Time Consuming! That was only the beginning. After I read all five chapters in third person I cringed. It was not right at all. I had to revise everything again to return my work to first person. Had I only kept copies of the originals? Argh!

Currently I have 18 chapters almost complete all in first person from the perspective of one character. I did not throw any of the first person sections I wrote previously from the second main character. I have revised them and created several short stories from his perspective on his back story from these. Hopefully I will get my book published and then I may publish a book of short stories from his perspective and maybe others. We'll see.

Looking back I'm glad I went with the first person from only one character's perspective. I think it works better for me and the story. Although, other characters in the novel are trying to get themselves out onto the paper. I'm working on that; slowly but surely.

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