Thursday, August 12, 2010

Controlling Idea

Alright I know it's been a while since I blogged. I have been super busy this summer. I spent three weeks in Texas visiting my family. That meant that I spent a week prior getting ready for that trip and then the following week after I returned getting back into my routine. Since then I've been busy getting ready for a yard sale. I still have more to go. Redoing my daughters room. Yet again. I have to have it done before she starts school this September.

On my down time I have been busy working on learning more and preparing myself better for my novel. In my last post I mentioned three books that I had started reading to better prepare myself. I am currently still reading "Story" by Robert McKee. I love this book!

I have learned all about the different parts of a story. There is so much that goes into writing a novel (or screenplay - as the book is geared for). The terminology is the biggest part. Story values, story event, scene, beat, sequence, act, story, story triangle, archplot, miniplot, antiplot. Then one has to take into consideration the characters and how they fit into the novel. How they drive the novel forward. It's through their decisions that the novel progresses.

I've also been working on the side to better pinpoint my controlling idea. somehow the idea of writing just one sentence that tells about my story is way too daunting for me at this point. I'm such a wordy person that this task seems impossible. I'm determined to get there though. I've also found that it has two components to it: value and cause. I have to decide if my controlling idea is positive or negative and I have to understand the cause or reason for why my protagonists life has turned either negative or positive.

I hope to have this completed in the next couple of weeks. I just have so much to do that this might take some time.

Till next time; enjoy the rest of the summer!

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