Saturday, August 21, 2010

Inciting Incident

So today I was thinking about my inciting incident for my book. Well let's just say that I am torn up about it. My inciting incident, or what I think is my inciting incident, plays out in the very first chapter. It's more a hook and an inciting incident all in one. The problem is that I just feel there needs to be another part to it to get things rolling a little more a few chapters in, but I'm not sure what. This is the hard part. Trying to figure out if I have created a good inciting incident and if it really does its job. I think it has, but I'm afraid it hasn't done enough for the reader. For me it's enough. Does that constitute enough for someone else? I guess we'll see.

The inciting incident plays out in chapter 1 and turns my protagonists life upside down. She's thrown into another life that she really doesn't want to be a part of. Not only that, but she also has been given an important role in this new life that she really doesn't want at all. All she wants is to return to her old life. That is something that will never and can never happen. The doors to her old life have been closed forever. I feel that is exactly what an inciting incident should do. However, since it occurs right off the bat I wonder if there should be more to it or not.

Of course this is the inciting incident to the main plot. I have another subplot which includes a love triangle. That inciting incident is still to be pinned down. I have an idea, but it is not as WOW as the main plot inciting incident. Still working on that one. Also after reading Robert McKee's "Story"I believe I should have another subplot, but I'm unsure what exactly it should be.

Well that said I guess I still have a lot to ponder while I lay in bed attempting to get some sleep. Good night for now. Smile!

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