Wednesday, September 8, 2010


"Great, so you mean that I have to write what someone else is talking about?"

Okay, so to be completely honest? I hate writing dialogue. I want to make my dialogue meaningful, yet sometimes it seems so silly what my teenage characters are talking about. Plus, writing dialogue means that I have to really know what each of them is thinking at the moment and what they mean by what they say. Some characters mean what they say and others have a hidden meaning. But, just how do I get into several characters minds at one time when I'm writing? This is my dilemma. it tends to slow me down slightly.

Then there is the style of the dialogue; tag lines, pace, author intrusion, punctuation, and something called in medias res. First, tag lines. Sometimes I feel as though I have over done the tag lines. My characters might be in the midst of moving or making a face or who knows what kind of odd gesture they're making. I want my reader to feel like they're watching a movie in their minds, without too many tag lines.

And I certainly don't want to be too intrusive. The more tag lines, the more intrusive I am. I have to try and hide the intrusion. I guess that helps with first person. My protagonist can make comments about the other persons behavior to herself. Yes, my protagonist is a teenage girl and is telling the story from her perspective.

I also have to worry about pacing the story. Somehow I have to get the story told and not too fast or too slow. There are scenes, though, that I want to either quicken the pace on or slow the pace. just my problem is in my head. Is it too fast/slow? Should I make it move quicker/slower? If I'm the reader reading this for the first time how am I going to react to this?

Ah, too many questions. Then there's punctuation. I don't want to have too many exclamation points or commas or periods. I try my best to only use exclamations where they are really needed. I have one character that I use them for a lot, mainly because she's super hyper and always squealing with joy about something or another. Then there are other characters that rarely need the exclamation point added to their dialogue.

So, I got a book on dialogue. Did it help? Yes and no. It gives great advice and examples. Yet somehow I end up having more questions than answers. One answer it gave me is in medias res, which is writer's jargon for starting a dialogue scene in the middle of the conversation. I like this. Maybe a little too much. This is how I started my second chapter off. Oh and chapter 3. Come to think of it chapter six is split into two scenes and I think I start off the second half in this manner, as well. Hmm? Maybe I ought to come up with something a little different before half of the book starts of in the midst of a conversation.

Wow, there's still so much to talk about with dialogue, but not enough time in this blog. I think I'll keep some of the other dialogue discussion for yet another blog later.

Till next time have a wonderful day!

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