Monday, September 20, 2010

The Senses

Writing using the five senses, oh boy! When I read anything I try and picture it as best as I can in my mind. I really love it when the author paints the picture so clearly that I can either almost touch, taste, feel, hear, or smell what I am reading. As a result I try really hard in my own writing to do the same. I want my reader to feel something.

For example, a passage I recently penned I hope does this.
"I hugged my light sweater closer to my chest as [we] walked into the sunset. It was beautiful with warm shades of yellows, oranges, and reds. The air coming off the ocean was crisp and dry. A slight breeze creating a whispering from the trees high above. As perfect as the evening was, it was too quiet. [He] hardly said a word. I knew he was still upset about yesterday."

With this passage I wanted to paint a picture of fall on the shore. First, she hugs her light sweater to indicated the time of night and possibly time of year. Starting in September on the shore it begins to cool down at night. I also mention the air coming off the ocean, because it is different than that of the Texas Hill Country. Then she notices the colors of the sunset, which also happen to be associated with fall colors. Yet, in this passage it is September, so the leaves are still present on the trees. This is portrayed in the whispering tall trees. I also wanted to paint the night as quiet and somber. To do this I mention that one of the other characters with her is quiet and hardly saying a word.

In the end I hope I have created enough of a picture for a reader to feel as though they are either there or watching the scene unfold first hand. This took several tries just to get it to this point. And, I'm sure that I will still need to make revisions in the future to this passage.

Till next time, have an excellent day!

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