Friday, October 29, 2010

Chapter vs. Scene

What is the difference between a chapter and a scene?

While reading Robert McKee's "Story" I found that having each scene negatively/positively charged and altering is a key to a successful story. However, his book is geared towards screenwriting, not novel writing. That led to the question: What is the difference between a scene and a chapter?

I have read books where each chapter is a new scene and others where it takes several chapters to get through a full scene. So then, what should I do? For my first novel I have chosen to make each chapter a new scene. I'm not sure how that will work out when I begin to submit it, but it's good for me for now. At the end of the novel I do employ the several chapters to finish out a whole scene. Or could this just be the scene sequence McKee talks about?

Unfortunately for me McKee is writing about screenplays and not novels. This just seems to be a hurdle I have yet to jump. I am currently reading a book that uses both methods currently. I hope that by the time I finish writing my novel I will feel more comfortable with this issue.

What are your thoughts on scenes and chapters? Should each scene be a chapter in itself or should a scene play out over several chapters?

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