Friday, November 19, 2010

Fall Inspiration

Well, it's that time of year again and I absolutely love fall time in the northeast. Growing up in Central Texas it was green most of the year. I have always loved the pictures of trees turning beautiful shades of red and orange. It wasn't until I moved to New Jersey that I really understood what fall was like.

There are those days that it is beautiful and warm and then others where the weather is nasty and cold. It tends to be back and forth until finally all the leaves have fallen off the trees and it's nothing but cold out. The other day I was driving on the Parkway and I couldn't help but admire the different shades of orange and red that the leaves were turning. There were also still green leaves, as well. It was just so beautiful I wished I had my camera on board and a chance to take pictures as I drove. That wasn't going to happen, though.

I got to thinking of just what fall inspires. To me it's the ending of a great summer and the beginning of the holiday season. I think of wearing sweaters that will eventually be replaced by jackets, scarfs, and gloves.

I think of Halloween and Thanksgiving. I love watching the kids trick-or-treat every year. Not so much on my dead end street, but in my husband's brother's neighborhood where we go each year. I only get the kids on the street early on in the day and then everyone goes to other neighborhoods where there are more houses. That's fine with me, but I still love to check out the costumes and watch how much fun the kids have.

Thanksgiving means dinner with my husband's large Italian family. It's really a large, loud gathering of several generations running amuck in someones house. Trust me when I say loud, half of them are losing their hearing.

Fall brings to mind hot chocolate and fireplaces. I wish I had a fireplace in my house every year at this time. Although, I like not having to keep up with one.

I find myself thinking about pumpkins - pumpkin pie, carved pumpkins, my husband and daughter playing smash the pumpkin after Halloween with the pumpkins they carved ...

Cornucopia decoration, fall leaf decorations, pumpkin decorations, Halloween, and Thanksgiving pictures ....

I could go on and on, but I won't. It's my favorite time of the year, yet I still have to write a story that takes place in the fall. I guess that will be on my to-do list for this coming year.

Your turn - What does fall mean to you?

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