Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Goals

I've been trying to plan out my goals for this coming year. It's been interesting to say the least. I start out thinking "I need to do this," and end up going off on tangents of thoughts of the number of other things I have signed up for, want to sign up for, or just plain need to do. Then I can't remember what I started off wanting to do. So, I decided to do a blog about my plans for the coming year. This post is more of a way to hold myself accountable for my writing this coming year.

If you read my last post about my domino effect year-in-review then you are aware that I am new to this blog thing. I wonder if I had a blog at this time last year what I might have been able to complete. We'll see this coming year. I plan to look back on this blog in a year and see what I managed to accomplish.

Here are my writing goals for 2011:

WIP #1 - "Stone Magic"
In 2010 I not only wrote this first YA novel, but I also managed to get the 2nd draft (1st edit) complete.
In 2011 I hope to do more editing & begin the query process for this novel. (Fingers crossed)

WIP #2 - "Barely There"
In 2010 I began work on this. I only got about 10,000 words deep by the end of the year.
In 2011 I hope to (a) finish this novel, (b) edit the heck out of it, and (c) query it.

WIP #3 - "Outcast of Maine"
In 2010 I started formulating this novel in my head. In recent days it's been driving me crazy. I have to get working on this one. I hope to have more details smoothed out by May, so I can begin writing this one. Seriously bugging me to get writing about Augusta!
In 2011 I hope to (a) write this novel and (b) possibly edit the heck out of it. I highly doubt I will be ready to query this one by December 2011, but we'll see.

NaNoWriMo 2011 - "Earth 2.0" (seriously bad working title)
In 2010 I got the idea for this one during the NaNoWriMo 2010 process. It was actually my husband who gave me the idea. He found a series on our Netflix streaming. After watching one episode the idea was already there. Since then I have been working it out in my head.
In 2011 I hope to (a) research the heck out of the topic (serious research needs to be done 1st) and (b) write the thing during NaNoWriMo 2011. As long as I get the work done during November I'll be thrilled.

2011 Debut Author Challenge
In 2010 I heard about this challenge and decided on a whim (as usually happens with me) to participate.
In 2011 I hope to read all of the books on my list. Click the link at the top of the page to see the titles and authors. I've linked to their websites, if available.

So, that about covers my writing aspirations for the year. Hopefully by December I will be querying 2 novels, editing 2 more, and almost done with the 2011 DAC.

What are your writing goals for 2011?


  1. Lots going on for you!

    I hope to start querying by February 1st -- I have some other deadlines to work on, but right now I have tunnel vision.

    Best to you on making all of your goals~

  2. It might be too much for me, but goals aren't always easy to achieve. :-)

    Good luck to you in the New Year! :-) Querying, I hear, is a total drain. Hopefully neither of us will let it drain us totally. :-)