Friday, December 10, 2010

My New Stickers

Recently while out shopping I ran across a set of stickers that caught my eye. I couldn't pass them up. They completely reminded me of my writing moods sometimes.

Some of these remind me of what I think about my work, occasionally. There are those times that when I reread what I've written I think, "do over, destroy, do wut," and so on like the stickers say. There are other times when I think "cocktail!" That's when I'm super proud of what I've written and want to celebrate. And then there are those times that I feel like hitting the "eject" button and kicking myself right out of the driver's seat on my computer.

I have decided to decorate one of my writing binders with these stickers.

I wanted to insert a picture of my binder with the stickers here, but the pictures didn't turn out so good. Oh well. They are basically slapped on where ever I could find space.

One thing that's for sure, these stickers make me smile each time I set eyes on them. They also remind me of things teenagers say. Since I write YA this helps get me in the right mind set. :-)

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