Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Across the Universe by Beth Revis

What Goodreads says:

As the spaceship Godspeed travels toward a new earth, the lives of 100 cryogenically frozen settlers hang in the balance after someone endeavors to quietly murder them. The other passengers aboard the ship have never known life outside its walls and are enslaved by the machinations of Eldest, their tyrannical leader, who divides them into three distinct classes. When Amy, a frozen settler from earth, survives being thawed in a murder attempt, she immediately bonds with Elder, Godspeed's lone teen and future leader. Amy’s individuality, her rebellion, and her fierce desire for freedom, inspire Elder to act on his own doubts and defy Eldest--his mentor and keeper--with shocking results. Eldest’s methods of twisting history and altering the lives of this captive community are a frightening echo of tyrants in our own history, and Across the Universe challenges readers to consider the impact of unchecked power, blind trust, and the ability of one dissenting voice to make a difference.

What I say:

I had heard so much about this book being so great and I was really hoping it was as good as I was hearing it was. IT WAS!

I loved the first chapter - absolutely hooked right off the bat. The descriptions in that chapter were so intense and the idea of what was happening to Amy that I just couldn't tear myself away. That said, I wasn't impressed by the next few chapters. I was a little disappointed in them. BUT, that disappointment went away fast and I finished this book in a little over 24 hours. I even stayed up until 2am to finish it knowing I had to be up at 6:30am. It was that good.

I love the writing; Beth Revis did an excellent job writing from the point of view of two very different teenagers, Amy and Elder, from two very different worlds. I enjoyed being able to see both sides of their story and their individual viewpoints. Revis really did think about all of the different aspects of living on an enclosed metal ship for centuries.

The plot was very well paced - keeping me interested and curious about what was going on aboard the Godspeed and just how it had gotten to be so strange. I also wanted to know more about why Amy was targeted. Let's just say, I didn't see that coming! Wow!

As for the characters, I really think Revis spent a lot of time perfecting her characters and thinking about what it was like for each individual character she used. They all had their own individual reasons for why they acted as they did. They were very real and I enjoyed finding out what made them work the way they did.

I would definitely recommend this book to others. It was a great read that I truly enjoyed. I can't wait to see what Revis has planned next.

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