Monday, February 14, 2011

Surprise Idea

For the record I love surprise ideas. Usually I will start working on the background information first. I'll get a binder and start compiling character sheets, the setting, and the beat sheet for the story line. I will work it over in my head until I'm ready to start writing.

The Atlantic Ocean, New Jersey
However, a week ago Saturday an idea hit me from out of nowhere, while I was already in bed. The idea wouldn't go away. So, I climbed out of bed, turned on my computer, and started typing away. By the time I finally crawled back into bed at midnight I had accumulated over 2,000 words and my first chapter was complete. The idea was still going strong in the morning when I woke up, so I sat down and typed again.

Here we are ten days later and as of last night I have over 27k written. I still have to write for today and I'm hoping to get another 3k in today. My goal at the moment is to have this story written by next Saturday.

Did I mention that I really am enjoying this story? Well, I am, and that's probably part of the reason that I am writing like a mad woman this past week. So, I like the story, but will anyone else? That's always the big question. To my surprise the answer is yes.

For those of you who have seen me mention my kids, then you probably know I have a 12 year old daughter. She is much like I was at her age, hates to read unless the story grabbed me from the get go. She usually just glances at my work and keeps walking. Yes, she has picked up a chapter or two before and then put it back down. Well, last night was an exception. She saw the first chapter sitting out, while I was dealing with her little brother between bouts of editing.

She asked if she could read it, so I handed it over. After a few corrections she handed it back and walked off. She came back seconds later and asked when I would have chapter 2 written. I handed over my binder, which has up to chapter 16 printed and awaiting editing. By the time she went to bed she had finished through chapter 4 and had pointed out a few areas where she was confused. I was so excited I couldn't contain myself. I mean, she's hard to please when it comes to books, so the fact that she likes it made my night.

I hardly ever post my writing, but my daughter convinced me to post the first chapter to Writers Cafe. I did that this morning, so we will see if I get any reviews on it. It is available to only Writers Cafe members, though. So, if you are a member go on over and check it out. I might even post it on my blog. We'll see.

Your turn, have you ever had any unexpected stories or reviews? 


  1. Encouragement is always exciting. Sounds like you have a great in-house editor. :-)

    Hope you meet your goal.

  2. Thank you so much, Linda.

    This is the first time she has ever wanted to look at my work and it really is good to have someone in the target reading area give me feedback. :-)

  3. I definitely have had unexpected stories. In fact, my current WIP (Scrapped) came after a frustrating morning of car trouble, where my husband had to eventually drive me to work, and I was envious at all the other cars working perfectly fine. Also, since I was a passenger driving to work, the cold, bleak landscape was the perfect setting for a post-apocalyptic world. Strong visual imagery fueled by intense frustration=new story. ;) I wrote the first chapter at work on post its and index cards which totaled to about 10 pages. I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes since I'm only doing minimal plotting on this one ;)

  4. I completely understand, we'll use anything to get that story out of our heads on onto something. Anything, as long as we don't lose it in between our brains and the computer.

    Good luck with your current WIP. :-)