Friday, March 25, 2011

1st Person vs. 3rd Person

I got the idea for this post the other day when I finished reading a book in first person and started reading another book written in third person. For some reason it took me a chapter to get used to the change, it usually does when I switch back and forth. But, then I got to thinking while I was editing my own WIP. I am writing it in the first person, because I feel more comfortable writing in first person. I also tend tend to like reading in first person as well.

That said I don't turn up my nose at third person, not by a long shot. Instead I started wondering if I should break it up more and try writing in third person occasionally, give myself a challenge now and then. I started thinking about everything I have written in the past two years. Out of all of my short stories and three novels, I have only ever written a few short stories in third person. One of which I happen to like quite a bit, as does my daughter. She has even asked me to write a novel about it and I'm still in the debating stage of that one.

But, I wonder what my writing would be like if I changed it up a bit, now and then. In fact I think once I have finished working on my WIP and it is out for review I may take a look at a couple short stories that are in third person. I may write a new one, just to try it out a little more. I may even enter them in for either publication or contests. I know of a couple contests that I'd love to have a go at.

Your Turn --> Which do you like better for reading/writing? First or third person?


  1. I don't think it really makes a difference to me. First person is much more personal, but that's not appropriate for a lot of books. If you're in third person limited, there's little you can't do that you can do in first person anyway. I usually write in third person.


  2. Sara,

    It's funny, I just finished reading a book that is 3rd person last night that I just can't picture being written in 1st. It's perfect the way it's written.

    Later I got to thinking about a new idea that has been swirling around in my head. I now know why I haven't been able to grasp at it yet. I'm thinking now that it should be in 3rd person and here I've been trying to get the idea down through 1st person.

    I think you're right, certain books are meant for first person and others third person.

    Thanks for stopping by. :-)