Friday, March 4, 2011

Cyberworld Cuttoff

I realize I've been missing in the world of the internet this past week and it's been somewhat bittersweet. I love doing my internet thing, blogging, tweeting, and surfing the web in general. However, for the past week I have been MIA. It started out as being busy, but then turned into an experiment of sorts. I haven't gone on Twitter once in the last week, not once. If you've seen a tweet from me it was through the goodreads site. Yes, I couldn't fully stay off the internet.

But, overall the experience has been interesting. I haven't visited any blogs as a result of not allowing myself to surf the web or stay on the internet for more than five minutes at a time. I'm not sure what prompted me to do this, but I did.

What happened? What did I learn?

On the downside:
  • I miss everyone in the Twitter world and blogging world. It takes up a lot of my time, but I miss those interactions. 

On the upside: I got so much done!
  • I read two books, hence the goodreads updates. Both were YA debut releases by new authors. Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton and Haven by Kristi Cook. I absolutely loved both of them. 
  • I got so much editing done. I really pushed hard on fixing my novel, Midnight Raynne. 14K+ words have been added so far. That's good considering that YA novels are usually around 60K and when I finished my rough draft I had just over 38K. I still have a lot to do on this first round of editing. I'm totally rewriting the ending, so this next week will be brutal on my characters and their journey, but it has to be done. 
  • I spent time with the family and actually started cooking meals that took longer than 30 minutes to make and are good for them. 
  • I learned that I can kick my brother-in-laws rear, sometimes, at Tetris. That is fun, we log on through the Playstation Network from our own homes and battle. 

So that was my experience with staying off the internet as much as was possible. It was interesting, but I really want to get back to my cyberworld now.

Have you ever done anything like this?

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