Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Rewriter

"I'm not a very good writer, but I'm an excellent rewriter." ~ James Michener

I posted this quote back in October of 2010 when I was still trying to figure out my blog and had a particular day where I posted a quote. Today I am feeling this quote. I have finished writing my newest WIP and done one round of editing focusing on the plot. It's amazing to see how it has transformed in just that one round of editing. It was quite possibly the most difficult round of editing so far.

The main thing, though, is that where I had a good story, I believe, I now have an even better story. Where holes were there are patches, where flat ground once was is now a hill or a mountain. I see where James Michener was saying. Compared to my once revised novel, the original draft stinks, and horribly at that. I still have editing, rewriting, to do on my WIP. Yes, there's more of that to come.

Currently I am reviewing my WIP for character, descriptions, weather, and relevance. Yes, I said it relevance. My belief is that if the chapter or scene does nothing to move the story forward and is nothing more than filler then it must be cut. I'm looking at that now, again. I already looked at it when I revised for plot, but I am looking again through the characters eyes.

I believe that once I am done with this next round of editing I will see that once again my WIP has undergone another major transformation. I almost can't wait to see the results. And, yes, if you are wondering, I still have at least one more round of major revisions to do after this one. I have found that revising with specific goals each time around is better suited for my writing. I don't think I could look at everything all at once over and over again as I edit. I need to focus myself to get the job done. Otherwise I will find myself overwhelmed.

How about you, how do you feel after revising?


  1. Howdy, Heather:)
    I'm with you and Michener. That first draft kind of oozes out quickly or at least easily, but it is in the subsequent ones that you really "put the shine on the thing," as one of my writer friends says.
    Now that I've gotten the beastie finished (and shined a number of times), I'm in try-to-get-it-published mode. It's not easy and I agree with whoever said the industry moves at the speed of a glacier. In the meantime, I continue to hone my craft. I just decided this week to do yet another edit of the book. To look for flaws and to apply all the stuff I've learned in the last six months.
    I wish you (and me) all the best!

  2. I agree, it moves like a glacier. The initial writing can be quick, but everything else takes forever. I hope to be in that get-it-published mode by the end of the school year. I am already itching to get to the next book that will follow this one up. The character is driving me crazy trying to get more of her story out and on the paper.
    Thank you and Good Luck to you too!