Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time to Shine!

My goal with my current WIP is to have it in shape and ready to go out for review by mid-April. So far, I'm right on track. Yesterday I finished the third draft, ahead of schedule. I was shooting to have it done by today, but I got lucky. I'm trying a new method to my editing process. Instead of editing everything at once I've been breaking it up into pieces.

My first draft was the story itself. I threw caution to the wind and wrote the thing in twelve short days. Compared to my third draft, the first draft stunk to high Heaven's. In the first round of editing, my second draft, I fixed all of the major plot holes and mistakes. I even gave my WIP and entirely new ending; one I really like. Then in my second round of editing, my third draft, I fixed character flaws. I made sure that my character had a distinct character arc and that my characters were more rounded. I made sure that what is going on in all of the other side characters shows through in what my MC observes.

Now I'm on to my third round of editing, my fourth draft. Wow, that's a lot of drafts so far. Yes, but now I have to edit for word choice, flow, clarity, and other mistakes that I may have made. This is the spit and shine round of editing. Once it is all shiny and pretty I'll send it out for review and make changes based on input I receive.

Then it's out for submission!

Your Turn -> Do you have a certain way you edit?

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