Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Wandering Mind

That's me lately, The Wandering Mind.

I have so much going on in there that I'm not sure what's up or down some days. I have been working so hard on getting my novel ready for submission that I think I'm beginning to go cross eyed. At the same time, I'm ready to move on to another project. I have the second book to Midnight Raynne already playing out in my mind. I won't start it until I have begun to submit the queries for Midnight Raynne to agents, though. I want to make sure the first book is solid and ready for agents before I get sucked into another story.

I'm antsy, though. I want to get started on the next chapter in Raynne's life. The whole story has a new feel to it entirely. The first book is kind of dark, but this second book I'm thinking will be much brighter for Raynne. She will have a different out look on life and her "situation" all together. That of course is based on what happens at the end of the first book.

Raynne isn't the only book floating through my head at the moment either. The story I wrote last November for NaNoWriMo is still lingering in my head. It's a story that I wrote three separate times. The final time being last November from scratch. I like that version so much more, but it is still lacking big time. The other day I came up with an idea for a new character and story line, but was having a difficult time deciding what the book would be about. Then last night I had the idea of merging this new character with another character from the original story. I think that will make it better. Now, to work on the story line. I need more, it's still lacking. But, first I want to get Raynne finished. I want to write this second novel in her story and possibly a third and final story. I would like to have a good solid trilogy worked out for her.

Your Turn -> Do you get antsy towards the end of the editing process?

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