Friday, April 8, 2011

Don't annoy the writer!

For Christmas my sister bought me this great t-shirt. It says, "Be careful, you might end up in my novel." Boy was she ever right. I have come to find that writing can be very therapeutic. It helps me deal with people around me sometimes.

Recently a certain person in my life did something that irritated me, in fact this happens quite often with this person. I'm not even sure this person realizes that I'm not stupid and have caught on to this little technique that is used to corner me into that spot between a hard place and a rock. After being completely frustrated and going on a rant about the situation to my hubby I said, "That's it, [insert name] is going into my newest WIP!"

His response? "Oh no, this isn't good."

My response? "I don't care."

The ending result? I am putting this person into a novel, albeit disguised, but in the WIP nonetheless. I can't get the character out of my mind. Now, the question is which one of the newest WIPs I'm working on that the new character should go into. Yes, I'm currently working on two separate WIPs. I seem to find myself going back and forth between the two daily. They are both driving me nuts and requiring lots of attention. I think I may go insane from the writing alone.

But, I am having lots of therapy sessions through my writing.

I have even found myself wondering if this person will even see themself in the character I'm creating. What will he/she say? Will he/she like or dislike the character? Or even better, will this person go, "uh-oh, I do that," and realize that it's not fun being on the other end of being painted into a corner?

Okay, so that's the end of my little rant.

Your turn --> Do you use people you know as characters?

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