Friday, April 22, 2011

Inspiration in a Trip

USS Constellation in Baltimore, Md
 Last weekend I went to Baltimore with my daughter and her Girl Scout troop. I honestly believe that my daughter and her friends only stay Girl Scouts because they enjoy the social aspect and going on the trips each spring. Our troop gave up going camping years ago and opted for the out of town trips. We've been to so many places as a result and had so much fun. This year the destination was Baltimore, Maryland. While there I had almost no time to read or write, even though I brought a book with me I didn't open it at all. You see my 17 month old also tagged along with us, so between exploring and taking care of him I had no time to myself.
The old power plant building in Baltimore, Md.

I did, however, have a sudden burst of "Wow, I can see my character here." Of course that got me thinking more about my follow up novel to Midnight Raynne. Raynne being in Baltimore over the course of a couple days fits perfectly in to my story. And there I had been wondering what I was going to do exactly in this follow up novel. It hit me out of the blue, blindsided. I had never even thought of her being there when I was on my way there. It wasn't until I was actually there wandering around that I saw things happening in the second story. It all started to click into place and I'm ready to start writing again. Only one problem: I have five books at the house to read by the end of the month before the library starts charging me late fees.

National Aquarium in Baltimore, Md.
I guess I better get back to reading first. Therefore, if you don't see me on Twitter, I'm curled up somewhere in the house reading.

Your Turn -> Have you ever been on vacation when you suddenly saw your character running around?

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