Monday, April 4, 2011

My favorite part of writing

Since finishing work on Midnight Raynne yesterday I felt the need to take a short break from writing. A short break, though. I planned on researching agents until I'm blue in the face and going insane. I did that most of yesterday afternoon and then a little last night. I think I'm ready to start the process of querying. I still have a few things to do, like actually write the query letters. But, I'll get that done.

In the mean time, while I had planned on researching agents I have sent my manuscript to my parents. My mom reads like me, like a fool. We often read the same things and talk about them later, after we have both read them. She's always ahead of me, though. I think that's because I write more than I read these days. Either way, I trust what she says about books. She has a good eye at what is good and what isn't. Therefore, she is set to read my manuscript and give me feedback. I refuse to begin sending out query letters until she has read it as I feel the need to have someone say it's good to go or redo it.

So I planned on reading, reading, researching, researching, ... You get the gist.

Instead, I started writing. AGAIN. I just can't seem to keep myself from writing at all. That's fine. But, it's not the story I had originally planned on working on next. I planned on writing the sequel to Midnight Raynne before going on. I planned on writing the sequel to the sequel after that. Midnight Raynne is a trilogy in my head. I just have to write the two final books.

Yet, another story popped into my head about a week ago. It's not entirely new. I have been trying to wrap my head around another character and her plot for some time now. I had a brilliant idea the other day and decided to go with it. Needless to say the character has changed slightly, her family dynamics have changed, and she's ready to tell her story.

So, last night after working on my agent spreadsheet I opened a new document and started typing. Augusta is coming across as a slightly spoiled brat at the moment, but I kind of like that about her. I'm not a hundred percent sure as to where her story will take me, but I like that about writing.

This brings me to my favorite part of the writing process.

Reckless Abandon -> I like the reckless abandon I took with Midnight Raynne. The reckless abandon where I let my character take me where she wanted to take me. Then, of course, I have the task of going behind and cleaning it all up. But, still I like the feeling of letting a story take hold and take me where it wants to go. I'm eager to see where Augusta takes me and what her journey looks like.

I love this part of writing! :-)

Your Turn -> What is your favorite part of writing?

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  1. For me the best part of writing is finding out what comes next. Oh I have a good idea where the story will go before I start but in the writing process, a natural flow takes place and characters will seem to do what they might do in those situations and sometimes I get pleasantly surprised at the final outcome, including the ending. check out my blog at and get one of my short stories and you will see what I mean. Safe Haven or Bounce House have just come out on Kindle and at Smashwords.
    Reggie Ridgway