Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The other day my hubby started watching Harper's Island on Netflix. He's a total Netflix streaming junkie. He'll watch entire seasons of shows straight through on his days off, like I will read entire book series. (Well that was before I started writing seriously, now I'm lucky to read.) Back to the point. He was about half way through the series when he told me he hadn't figured out who the killer was yet. This surprised me. My hubby can always figure out who it is, early on too. I've given up betting on who the killer is with him - he always wins. Always.

This got me thinking about predictability. I know when I read a book or watch a movie I'm always trying to figure out what comes next. One of my favorite things is when I am completely wrong and it's not who I think it's going to be. I love it when something completely unexpected happens. My hubby said that it seems like everyone, at some point, looks like they are the killer in Harper's Island.

This got me thinking. I am working on a completely new idea that I even began writing the other day. I am still working on getting my hands around the plot, but I have the gist of it figured out. So, when he mentioned that he has no idea who the killer is I started thinking, "Everyone is a suspect!"

That's it, in my new WIP everyone will be a suspect. Why not? It'll keep the reader engaged and of course I will make sure that it is the last person anyone thinks of. My hubby keeps finding himself questioning who the killer is. He's completely been sucked into the show. That's what I want with my writing. I want the reader to be completely sucked into the story and characters. I want to keep them guessing and turning the page to see if they are right or wrong. I want them to be wrong, so that they will read more to see why.

I can't wait for my dear hubby to give me more questions or comments to make me wonder. He's a great inspiration!

Your turn --> Have you ever had a great ah-ha moment recently?


  1. I'm a streaming netflix junkie too (and a YA book junkie as well) :) I actually watched Harper's Island when it aired on TV though and felt the same way your husband does. Had no idea who it was. So it's a great idea. Go with it. :) I have had no aha moments lately that I can think of on the spot like this. I'm sure the minute I leave your blog I will think of a hundred though. :)

  2. Kasie, thank you for stopping by and for the encouragement. I know the feeling of not thinking of something on the spot and then later I'm flooded with ideas. That's how it always works for me. :-)

  3. Heather, thanks for this blog post.

    I'm only an aspiring writer so I still have a lot to learn, and posts like this provide those tiny pieces of insight that turn out to be quite helpful. I am a plot twist fanatic, but I never considered thinking about the plot in terms of unpredictability. Cheers!

  4. J.J.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting. I'm glad you like the post. It was a sudden "hey, I need to work on that aspect of my writing," moment for me.