Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rants & Ramblings on Life as a Literary Agent - Rachelle Gardner

Writer Website Wednesday #1

This will be the first post in a new series I will be doing on my blog each Wednesday. I will spotlight a website that I have found helpful in my writing life. I thought I would start off my series with one site that I read each and every day:

What I like:
I honestly cannot remember exactly how I came across Rachelle Gardner, but I'm almost positive it was through Twitter. I seem to find a lot of different websites through following agents and other authors on Twitter. Whatever method it was that I found her site, I'm glad I did. She gives no nonsense advice for aspiring authors. She gives straight forward honest advice. She blogs Monday through Friday and you can sign up to receive her blogs via email on her sidebar (that's what I did). Since her blog has started arriving in my inbox I don't think I have missed reading a single one.

What I don't like:
Honestly, I don't think there is anything on this site that I don't like.

I highly recommend Rants & Ramblings on Life as a Literary Agent to ANY writer. Even though I'm positive she doesn't represent anything that I write, I still find everything she says to be useful.

Your Turn -> What do you like about Rants & Ramblings on Life as a Literary Agent?


  1. Good choice. I used to follow every agent blog I could find, but no longer. Rachelle's is the only one still in my blog reader.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Linda. I absolutely love Rachelle's blog. She has so much good information and she's so straightforward about it. I started to follow every agent as well, but quickly found out I really only liked her blog.