Friday, April 15, 2011

Recharge Station

  • When we need to get somewhere we fill up your car with gas. 

  • When we are hungry we eat. 

  • When we are tired we sleep. 

So what do writers do when they need to fill up again?

The library! At least that's where I go.

If you follow me on Twitter and are wondering where I have been recently, you can find me curled up somewhere around the house, or in the van, reading a book. I am completely drained after editing Midnight Raynne. I need to refill my brain, it's on empty. So rather than start working on the sequel or another book that has me intrigued at the moment, I have decided to keep to reading for a little bit.

It also helps that I just got a ton of books in at the library. I have had several books on order for a while, but had to wait until they were available to me. It seems they all suddenly became available at once. One of which is the first of four books. So, of course I ordered, and received, the next two books in that series immediately as well. I'm guessing I may be out of commission for a little when it comes to writing. As I really want to read these books.

Giving my brain a creative break is not all reading is doing for me at the moment. No, it's helping me to learn. Learn a lot of stuff. I take into consideration when I read what the author's of those books have done. I think about how they describe things, details they add, etc. It helps me to pinpoint flat parts in my own WIP. When I return to my WIP I will be better prepared to tackle it than I was before reading.

Reading is also helping me pinpoint an agent. That's right, who knew it could do that. You see, my way of finding an agent is to find agents that look like they might represent a book like mine and then read books they already represent. Reading those books gives me an idea of what they are looking for in a MS. So, when I go back to tackle my WIP one last time I will be prepared to give it my all and make it agent ready. Something that they will hopefully, fingers crossed, decide they have to represent.

Your Turn -> How do you refill after a major stretch of writing and editing?

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