Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Six Sentences

Writer Website Wednesday #2

What I like:

Six Sentences is a site dedicated to flash fiction. The idea is to write a quick piece using only six sentences, no more, no less. Submit your story to the site and the site administrator will respond to you in SIX days. I am intrigued by flash fiction these days. I sit around and think about it occasionally, but my problem is I'm too wordy for this type of writing. I have a hard time packing a huge punch into something so small. Either way, it's an interesting site to visit.
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What I don't like:

I don't like that I have no idea who the site administrator is. I need to at least have an idea of who is running the site before I even think of submitting something I wrote. However, the site appears to be well run in the aspect of writer's getting their credit due.
I also don't like that it isn't really organized as far as genre or topic. It appears to be random stories submitted by authors and chosen by the site administrator randomly.

I recommend this site for anyone who is a flash fiction fanatic or anyone who just wants to have a little fun reading flash fiction.

Your Turn -> What do you like about Six Sentences?

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