Monday, May 16, 2011

Back 2 Editing

That's right, I'm going back to editing. After reading several really good books recently I am ready to tackle Midnight Raynne yet again. It's time to take another, more focused, look at my manuscript. I feel that I have learned a lot recently from reading other books, blogs, and just plain poking around on the internet. I feel that I'm more focused and that I know more about my characters to do this next edit.

What does this next round of editing consist of?

Well, just about everything. I have realized that I may have left several things hanging during the course of my manuscript and I need to raise the stakes for Raynne. I need to make her goals and her all around life more on edge. Not that she isn't already on edge, but I need to sharpen her focus and her goals a bit. I need to make things that I know are there more prominent to the reader. Where I already understand certain things, I feel that I have neglected to get those ideas across through my story telling.

Therefore, it's back to the editing for me.

I will be looking for character glitches and making my characters jump off the pages. I want for my readers to have a sense that they are watching my story unfold on the big screen. I've come to realize that when I visualize a book better, I enjoy it more. Hence, I want my characters to jump off the pages.

I also need to make sure that my characters have good "character arcs" as well. I'll talk about that in a later post. But, for now I'm going to reread my manuscript and plot out different arcs for different characters.

The same goes for my story. I need a good story arc. So, when I reread I will also be plotting out the story arc.

I also feel that the setting is lacking. I don't mention as much as I probably should, so I'm going to bring out the setting as well. I want my readers to feel like they are actually there in this fictional town with Raynne.

Conflict is another aspect I will be dealing with. I want to make sure there is enough conflict between characters and their goals in life to help push the story forward. I want my readers to be able to see what I am seeing in my head. I think that is probably one of my hardest things to get across. The fact that I see things the readers don't, I need to make some of those things more prominent to my readers as well.

I am also looking to see if my pacing is right for each scene. This is a hard one, but I'm determined to make sure that my story is moving forward at the right pace.

So, as you can see, I have a lot cut out for me at the moment. I'm hoping to have this done over the next month. This month is going to be hectic as is for me, so I'm thinking it will take some time to get this round of editing done.

Your Turn -> Do you ever feel more focused after taking a break from your manuscript?


  1. SO EXCITING! Editing can be tedious, but to be honest, I love it. I love the feeling of knowing the novel is getting stronger (even if I thought it was strong to begin with). Good luck!! :)


  2. Thanks Kayla!

    I really have learned to love it this time around. I didn't used to, but I think I've learned to embrace this new approach.