Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brevity of Roses by Linda Cassidy Lewis

I have finally read Brevity of Roses by the very talented Linda Cassidy Lewis. And while I have sworn off doing book reviews on my blog for the time being, I just couldn't help myself.

I had to do this one! It was meant to be.

Goodreads says:  

Jalal Vaziri has looks, money, women-and a habit of running from reality. When he abandons New York and reinvents himself as a poet in a California beach house, he thinks he's running from a father who hates him, a career mistake, and endless partying. A fresh start is what he needs. And after an intriguing woman enters his life, he believes all his dreams are coming true. But that dream dissolves into nightmare, and Jalal flees again. Only this time, his retreat is blocked by a woman who challenges him to face that it's himself he's trying to outrun.

I say: Wow!!! I absolutely loved reading Lewis' debut novel. I found myself laughing, wiping tears away, cringing, grinning as I read this. Lewis' ability to capture human emotion and relationships is amazing. I loved how she told the story from the three different character perspectives. I grew to love Meredith so much by the point that Renee came along that I found myself not liking Renee at first. But, I grew to like Renee just as much. This is such a wonderful story of love, loss, and renewal. Lewis' characters come alive on the page and her story telling is so wonderful that I really felt as though I was watching this story unfold on the big screen. I was truly moved by this read and can't wait to read more by Lewis. I'm already itching for more wonderful words and characters.

Now, go out and buy the book! :-)


  1. Linda, I truly enjoyed reading your book. I was so sad when it was over. I wanted more to read. :-)