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Character Interrogation -> The Answers

As the third part in this series on character interrogation I decided to answer the questions I posed on Monday's post. Instead of using my main character I decided to go with one of the side characters, who happens to be one of my favorite characters in the story.

Part I can be found here, Part II can be found here, and Part IV can be found here. 

**Disclaimer: This character is entirely a creation of my imagination. Any resemblance to anyone is purely coincidental and unintentional. For the moment Maia lives only in my head and on the pages of my yet-to-be-published manuscript.

Character name: Maia Lynn Bates
Origin of name: Mother, Lynn, liked the name Maia & they put her name as Maia's middle name. 
Nickname: She doesn't have one
Origin of nickname:N/A
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Birthday: December 7, 1992
Birthplace:Elizabeth, New Jersey
Role in story: Protagonists only real friend

Physical Appearance: 
Weight: 130 lbs
Height: 5'5"
Hair color: Black
Length of hair: Short
Hair style: Spiky
Eye color: Blue
Skin tone: White, pale
Body type: Voluptuous, round, but not overweight
Shape of face: Round, chubby cheeks
Voice: Sarcastic, matter of fact, gossipy
Glasses or contacts: None
Braces, teeth appearance: Teeth are naturally straight, the result of good breading (according to Maia herself).
Distinguishing qualities:

Fashion tendencies:
Usual clothing: She dresses in mostly black attire, combat boots, will wear the occasional dress, but it must be black and goth; she likes silver and chains
Favorite outfit: Black tank top, black baggy shirt over tank, black baggy jeans, and black combat boots
Accessories: She always wears a choker necklace of some sort and silver rings on every finger, long dangly silver earrings. She carries a black clutch purse, with little in it.

Mother: Lynn Marshall
Relationship: Estranged, she doesn't live with her mother because of her step-dad.
Father: Scott Bates
Relationship: Trying, she dislikes his new wife, but she'd rather live with them than her step-dad
Siblings: From mother -> 2 half-brothers, Mike Jr. (9) & John (5); From father -> Kristina (18 months) & 2 step-brothers, Shawn (7) & Levi (4)
Relationship: She likes Mike Jr. & John alight, they are her half siblings & she doesn't see them often. She dotes on Kristina. She is always irritated by Shawn and Levi, though, they are brats and spoiled. They don't seem to like her much either.
Step-Father: Mike Marshall
Relationship: She sees him as a corporate sell out and a rich pig. He has a really good job and lots of money & expects too much from her. She'd rather rebel against him than cooperate. She lived with her mom & step-dad until she was thirteen, then she fled to her dads.
Step-Mother: Rachel Bates
Relationship: She sees Rachel as trying, but not a great person. She tries too hard to be Maia's mom & Maia doesn't want a new mom. She would rather Rachel just be herself. Rachel also tends to spoil her own kids more than she does Maia.
Other important family members: She loves her dad's parents, Grammy and Grand-pappy.
Friends: Raynne Evans & Jayden Teixeira
Relationship: She gets along with them at school great, but doesn't get much time to spend with them outside of school. She's always busy helping her step-mom with the kids or working.

Good traits: She doesn't worry too much about what other people think of her.
Bad traits: She tends to rebel and gossip a little too much sometimes.
Greatest joy: Seeing Jennifer Johnson not get what she wants.
Greatest fear: Not graduating, she knows her grades aren't that good, but she does want to get out of school.
Happiest when: She has a good piece of gossip to share
Saddest when: She things too hard about what she'd rather her life be like, she tries not to get jealous of what others have, but it happens sometimes.
Sense of humor: She's a sarcastic person and enjoys sneaking up on her friends for a good laugh.
What could possibly most turn this character's life upside down?: Being sent back to live with her mom and step-dad, she views this as the worst thing possible.
Highest priority: Moving away from home.
Lowest priority: Doing good in school, she likes to rebel against the teachers a bit too much.
Soft spot: She loves rabbits, but has never been allowed to have one for herself. She likes to frequent the pet store and play with the rabbits for sale there.
Greatest strength: She's strong willed and doesn't let Jen or Destiny get to her, at least on the outside. She only breaks down when she's alone, occasionally.
Greatest weakness: Instead of doing what she's asked, she rebels and does the opposite. A trait she picked up when she met her step-dad.
Biggest regret: Not being a better child, so her parents might have stayed together and not divorced.
Smallest regret: Not doing her homework every night or studying for tests.
Biggest accomplishment: She taught herself to play the guitar.
Other accomplishments:
Flaws: She doesn't live up to her full potential by any means, she's a smart and talented girl.
Secrets: She's a really good singer and would love to go professional, but she won't sing in front of others.

Towns lived in: Elizabeth, NJ; New York, NY; & Marblehead, PA.
Schools attended / jobs worked: Babysitter, that didn't turn out too well. She's overwhelmed with kids at home and didn't want to deal with other people's kids too.
Childhood: Upheaval with her parents always fighting and then the divorce. Finally, she had more difficulties dealing with her parents dating and eventually remarrying.
Pets: She had a dog, Bandit, growing up, but he died when she was eleven.
First memory: Going to the Jersey Shore for a week of fun in the sun during the summer when she was five, just before her parents separated.
Most important memory: Her dad saying that no matter what both of parents would always lover her, even if they did it separately, in their own way. He said this when her mom remarried and she was devastated that her parents weren't going to get back together.
Fondest memory: The house she lived in when her parents were still married. Playing with her dog, Bandit, when she was little in their backyard.
Worst memory: Her parents fighting and going through the divorce.
Dreams: She dreamt of being a rock star by the time she was sixteen - that hasn't happened, yet.
Friends: She had a lot of different friends when she was in Elizabeth, but when she moved to NY with her mom things changed. She didn't have as many friends, they saw her as a new comer and an outsider.

Current location: Marblehead, PA
Current living situation: She lives with her dad, step-mom, two step-brothers, and baby sister.
Pets: Her half-brothers have a fish tank; Her step-brothers have a dog, Buster; Her step-mom has a cat, Missy. She still doesn't have the rabbit she wants.
School attending / job working: She's a senior at Marblehead High School and she works at a local grocery store in the evenings and on the weekends.
Dreams: She still dreams of being a rock star someday.
Friends:Raynne Evans and Jayden Teixeira

Clique: She's an outsided, more of a goth
Sports: She hates sports, it means that she has to work with other people she doesn't like, she'd never do that in Marblehead.
Activities: She stays away from extra-curricular activities at school.
Lunch: She sits with Raynne and Jayden.
Classes: Algebra II, U.S. History II, Spanish II, Gym, Senior English, Chemistry
Enemies: Jennifer Johnson and Destiny Gallagher

Motivation: She doesn't want to end up like her parents, so she pushes people away, rather than bring them close and lose them.
Immediate goals: To graduate and move out on her own. She wants to be free of her parents and step-parents for a change.
Long term goals/hopes:She really doesn't think about long term goals too much, it makes her depressed. She knows she doesn't have the grades for college and without college, jobs will be slim pickings for her.
Method to accomplish these goals?: She thinks she might try moving around and try out different jobs until she finds a place and a job that suit her.
Who will these goals affect?: Mostly they will just affect her, but she knows her parents will worry about her.

Color: Black
Music: Alternative
Movie: She's a huge Lord of the Rings fan
Food: She loves anything her step-mom hasn't made - her step-mom is the worst cook ever.
Drink: She drinks Snapple Teas all the time.
Snack: Cheetos
Books: She hates to read, she looks at books like they are a deadly disease
Entertainment: People watching
Expressions / Sayings:
Mode of transportation: City bus or walking
Possession: She collects anything to do with rabbits, like figurines, stuffed toys, jewelry, anything really that has a rabbit on it.
Class: Homeroom - She isn't expected to do anything in there.
Teacher: Her homeroom teacher, Mrs. Fournier - the French teacher, because she never assigns homework or gets on Maia's case about anything.
Actor/Actress: Orlando Bloom - She thinks he was hot as Legolas in Lord of the Rings.
Musician/Band: Avenged Sevenfold
Thing to buy: Choker necklaces & silver rings
Store to shop at: Thrift stores

Hobbies / Skills: 
Hobbies: Singing and playing her guitar
Musical instrument: She taught herself to play the guitar
Sports: She's horrible at sports - last picked in gym constantly
Most skilled at: Singing and playing the guitar.
Least skilled at: Sports
Nervous tics: Plays with her rings on her fingers when she's nervous.
Posture: Relaxed, she doesn't sit or stand straight much.
Mannerisms: She's the opposite of prim and proper, big time.
Personal quirks: She gets excited when she gossips and sounds like a valley girl suddenly out of nowhere when she dishes out the gossip.

Traits: (I could go forever on the traits, but here is a little list.)
Optimist or pessimist? Pessimist
Introvert or extrovert? Introvert
Daredevil or cautious?: Daredevil
Logical or emotional? Logical
Relaxed or Tense? Relaxed
Control freak or out of control? Out of control
Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat? Disorderly and messy
Prefers working or relaxing? Relaxing
Confident or unsure of himself/herself? Unsure of herself, she doesn't see what she has to offer the world.
Follower or leader? Neither, she's more of a loner.
Selfish or selfless? Selfless

Your Turn -> Can you picture Maia walking around, interacting with people? Is she more vivid to you now that you know her more?

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