Friday, May 13, 2011

Darn it, Woman, Focus!

It seems I've been telling myself this a lot lately. "Focus" If only it were that simple. You see my mind is full of a jumble of different ideas. I have three very different protagonists from there very different stories waring in my mind at the moment. It's rather confusing and irritating to say the least.

Raynne is still there and she does not want me to forget about her. I still have to do one more round of editing on her based on the character interrogations I have been working on lately. I need to clean it up a little. Once that is finished I will be moving on to the query portion of this manuscripts journey. Hopefully, fingers crossed, it's not a deflating experience. I still have Raynne's second and third books to work on. I have a decent idea on the second book and have even started writing a little, but I still have to sit down and really get writing.

Augusta arrived in my mind about two months ago and she's been not-so-quietly hanging around. She's a sort of bratty character, obnoxious and she has a strong knack for being fresh to people. I'm not even immune to her rants. I've even started toying with her story and have the first two chapters written. I've been working on creating her setting a lot. I have more research to do on her story. Since I plan on setting it outside of New Jersey in the west I will have to do a little more research this summer. It's a good thing I may be going on a trip with my family out west this summer.

Then there's Layne, she just popped up in my head last week and I've already started toying with her character and a couple other characters in her story. I'm not sure exactly what happens in her story, but couldn't help start it. I already have started the first chapter in her story. It's still early with her. I'm not even sure where I want to set her story. I've been interested in basing a story in my hometown of Austin, Texas, but I'm not sure if I want to start this one there or not. I'm still mulling this one over.

Austin, Texas Skyline
So, to the point of my entry. I need to focus my attentions. I have no idea what to do with these three ladies telling me what to do all the time and so little time to actually sit down and write for them. I know one thing for certain. I have to get Raynne's first story completed and start sending out query letters. I'd like to have all three books in her story completed before I give Augusta or Layne my full attention. Although they deserve it as well. Heck, maybe I'll write Augusta's story and then have two manuscripts out for submission. I'd like to stay focused, though. Which brings me back to the idea that I need to have Raynne's three stories completed. It's all so confusing inside my jumbled, crowded brain right now.

Your Turn -> Do you have the same problem staying focused on one character/story?

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