Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Query Tracker

Writer Website Wednesday #4

What I like: 
This is probably the most comprehensive site I've found that helps with finding an agent. First of all, I like that it's free! Completely and totally free, you don't have to pay to find an agent. It's a great way to keep track of query letters, submissions, and responses.

You can search agents and agencies for agents. Once you have found the agents that you like you can add them to your own list of agents. Once you have created a list of agents you can group them by folders. I have yet to do this. I like to just leave them all in one big pile. Of course, I may use this feature in the upcoming months. You can change the status to having sent in a query letter or submission to the agent and set reminders. Since I haven't sent in any query letters yet, I have yet to use this feature. But, my guess is that it will be helpful in reminding a writer to check back with the agent or move on if no word has been received.

Each agent page has different tabs you can click on to find out more information about the agent. For example the main page, Overview, gives the agents address, website, notes on query submission, and preferred method of query. Next is the comments tab, where members can comment on their experience with that particular agent. Reports and Statistics is the third tab, and I have yet to figure out how this gets marked up. I guess I'll find out eventually as I begin doing submissions.

The fourth tab is "Genres" which is important. If you are unfamiliar with the agent you need to make sure they represent the genre you are writing. It's also interesting to see what types of other genres agents represent. "Clients" is the fifth tab. I like this tab. I have been busy reading books by authors that are represented by agents I have added to my lists. I think it's a good thing to know what the agents are looking for in books they represent.

The final two tabs have to do with querying. "Queriers" is a place to see other members of Query Tracker that have made their query list public. It gives a sense of what is doing on in that agents submission world. I'm not sure it's of much use to me, since I am only interested in my query submission. The final tab is "My Query" where you can privately paste your own query letter to the agent as a form of record keeping. No one can see the query letter but you. I think I'd rather keep a hard copy of it in my "Writing Bible" for that particular book I'm querying.

What I don't like: 
I am still not sure if everything is up to date on the site. I have faith that they try to keep up to date on whether the agents are accepting query letters or not. For that reason I think it is still important to be check the agents personal website or agency website.

I recommend this site to anyone who is actively looking for an agent. It's definitely a great resource with a wealth of information in one place.

Your Turn -> Have you used Query Tracker? If so what did you like/dislike? 


  1. So thorough! Thanks! I have been avoiding these websites like the mother loving PLAGUE because I'm not ready yet - and I cannot bear to have anything else psych me out of finishing this dang book. BUT. I am probably going to run with Query Tracker once ready. It's the only service I've consistently heard about. Can't go wrong with that.

  2. Thanks. I had heard so much about Query Tracker that I decided to check it out and it really hasn't disappointed me yet. I still want to check out a couple others just to see which one I like the most, but I'm liking this one so much I might compare them too much. :-)

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