Wednesday, May 25, 2011

 Writer Website Wednesday #6

What I like:

There is a lot to this website that I had no idea was even there, so I was pleasantly surprised by everything they have to offer. Here's a quick overview of what Wordsmith offers.

First, they have their famed A.Word.A.Day Newsletter, which I might add I receive in my inbox daily. This newsletter obviously gives you a word every day, but it also includes the pronunciation, meaning etymology and usage of the word. In addition to this at the bottom of the email is A Though for Today, which can be interesting all in it's own and not necessarily has anything to do with the word of the day. But still fun.

On their website you can choose to sign up for the free newsletter or use other services they offer. Such as the Internet Anagram Server. I tried this out and while it doesn't exactly work on everything I plugged it, it does work and is totally cool. So, writers if you are looking to create an anagram, there you go. There is also a link to Wordsmith Books. Yes there are books, and no I have not checked them out. Either way, if you like words you'll probably like the books too, just a thought. There is also the Wordsmith Chat link. In this link you can find upcoming chats or concluded chats. If you see a chat that you missed and would have liked to been in on, you can read the entire transcript of that chat. Not exactly my thing, but interesting.

Finally, Wordsmith offers The Wordserver link. What's this? Well it's several different things. Apparently you can get certain other services through your email. Like the dictionary, thesaurus, acronym, anagram, and of course the word a day service. I'm not sure how this works. I actually prefer my dictionary on my computer or the book one. I'm not sure I could handle emailing a site and then waiting to get a definition or similar word sent to my inbox. I'm too impatient for that. Not to mention I like looking things up.

What I don't like: 

Well, I'm not sure there really is anything that I don't like on the site. Other than the fact that it's simple. I like color and jazz. This site is very straight forward and plain. Nothing bad there, though. Just lacking on the jazziness, that's all.

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