Friday, May 27, 2011

Writing the Sequel

Okay, so I wrote Midnight Raynne with total abandon and it worked. But, now I'm faced with actually having to write a sequel.

Eeekkkk! What on Earth have I gotten myself into?

I have sat around worrying over this sequel writing thing for over the past month. I even dreaded starting it. Since I didn't have anything plotted or planned when I sat down to write Midnight Raynne I didn't have anything to worry about. I just wrote and wrote and wrote until I was satisfied. Not this time around. This time around I have characters already formed and a story line that I now have to work with. I didn't have those things originally, which allowed me to go wherever I wanted to.

I found that I write best without an outline. I don't like to be confined. But, let's face it - this time I have no choice but to work with an outline of sorts and to work within parameters. This caused me so much grief and stress over several weeks time. I read and read and read as a means to put off writing. I told myself I needed to finish editing Midnight Raynne first before I could even start writing the sequel.

Truth be told, I found a mixture of it to be true.

When I started editing Midnight Raynne, again, I found that things were beginning to pop out at me. A certain group of characters that were nothing more than briefly mentioned threw their arms out and waved at me shouting "Use Us!" So, I did. I've altered my new outline for the newest draft of Midnight Raynne to incorporate them more. I've started to work on sketching them out a little more. As a result they now are playing a more interesting role in the sequel.

Speaking of the sequel, I have found that there is so much more involved in the planning this time. The place in which I ended Midnight Raynne allows for two separate stories to be playing out at the same time. Unfortunately for one of those stories the books are told in first person from one characters point of view. As a result of that, I had to sit down and work solely on an outline for what is going on behind the scenes. No, I won't be writing that section, but it helped me to plot out and understand what my MC can do in the meantime. You see most of the action is actually taking place "off screen." Not that the main story won't be interesting, it will.

But, as I have said before, I don't like working off of an outline. So, if I have the "off screen" action planned out, I am free to mess with the "on screen" action as much as I like. In a way I've given myself a freedom that I didn't think I would have.

No, I haven't plotted out the ending yet. I don't like to have the ending plotted out until I've actually written it and can look at it with an editing eye. Then I'll tinker. Until I actually write the ending, though, I have no idea what will happen.

That means I have no idea what to expect. Especially since I'm trying to make this a trilogy. You know what that means -> I'll have to write another sequel. But that one will have two previous books to force me to work with. Yikes!

Anywho, I'm learning that this is a whole new ball game, but the same one at the same time.

Your Turn -> What are your thoughts on sequels?

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