Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BookEnds, LLC

Writer Website Wednesday #8

What I like: 

Okay, I know I'm veering away from the YA genre here, again. But, it's necessary today. You see I found BookEnds through Writer's Digest Magazine and instantly had to sign up to receive their posts directly in my inbox. BookEnds is a literary agency with an amazing blog. They are interested in fiction and nonfiction in the adult area, not my area. That said they have excellent advice that any writer needs.

One thing they have that I wish all literary agencies would do is "Agent Speed Date" on Friday's. They have one of their agents answer questions with the speed dating idea in place. It's actually quite fun to learn more about the agents like they do.
They have started doing a "Workshop Wednesday" series that I think I may even send in a query for, just for the sheer interest of seeing what they have to say. So far they have received 200+ query letters specifically for this series. They look at a query, post it, and add their own comments to what they think about the query letter. And we can even join in on the conversation. Of course we are expected to be nice, which shouldn't be hard. Right people?
Another yummy in in their sidebar section. They have links to their clients blog sites. I love to poke around there and see what is going on in other blog areas, as well. Plus it gives you an idea of who they represent - always good when looking for an agent.

What I don't like:

I wish they represented YA, but hey you can't have everything you want. :-)

Your Turn -> What do you like about BookEnds?

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