Monday, July 11, 2011

Character Interrogation vs. The Outline

Well, as you know I have recently been working on interrogating my characters to create more depth to them in my writing. In doing so, I realized that there were major edits to be done.

For example, I have one particular character who sits on the sidelines and doesn't seem to do much. Through interrogating her I found that she really doesn't like her best friend. In fact she is jealous of her, jealous enough of her that she will make different moves and influence the story in a new way. For this reason I have had to change everything about her throughout the story. I have been going through the story using an outline and working on each chapter, with each character, to find out what they will do differently.

My seemingly nice outline that I've been using has now become intricate, detailed, and long. I look at what happens in the back ground, events that take place "off set" so to speak. There is so much going on now that the reader doesn't read, but gets a chance to see based on how the other characters act or react.

It seems that it might be difficult and too much, but it's actually fun reworking the outline based on the new knowledge I have of my characters. I can't wait to see the results.

Your Turn -> Have you ever noticed one character in a different light while editing?

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