Monday, July 25, 2011

Ideas Are One In A Million

Okay, so as writers we come up with an idea. It's the best idea ever! No one has ever thought of this before!

But, recently I've been reading a lot of agent blogs, A LOT! Something I've found is that my ideas probably aren't really all that unique. Don't get me wrong, I hope they are. I'd like to think that every idea that pops into my head is completely, utterly, unique. I hope that no one has ever had that idea before.

This is a tough cookie to swallow for me, but I also learned something else whilst reading these blogs. And, that is that even though there could be someone out there writing a similar book to mine I still shouldn't give up. Maybe I'll get to the agents first, maybe mine is too good to pass up. Whatever the possibilities are I'm not going to stop writing.

There is nothing out there that says someone is definitely writing something similar or not. I can't let that get to me or bring me down. I have to continue to write and continue to forge forward with full gusto.

And, that is exactly what I plan on doing. I will never give up!

Your Turn -> Do you worry that you're idea isn't unique? Have you ever written something that you thought was unique and found a book that was similar already published?


  1. Oh my word, just last night even!
    For this past month, I've been merrily writing my WIP2, feeling so proud of how randomly imagined and inspired it's been...only to find an MG book with a very similar setting, and REALLY similar language.

    Now, the story is nowhere near the same, but still...I was crushed to know that my world was not as unique as I had thought it was. BUT, I got over it quickly because like I said, though the setting is similar the story and characters are nothing alike.

    Besides, it's not the similar idea that matters, but the execution of that idea that counts.

    Happy writing to you!

  2. It's really almost devastating isn't it? I had my first WIP all planned out and had written it part way through when I read a blurb about a book that was being released a few months later. If I didn't know better it could have been for my book too. I quickly fixed a few things and turned it around. But, I was devastated at first.

    I'm glad you didn't let it stop you. That's awesome. Good luck with WIP2 and Happy writing to you too. :-)