Friday, August 12, 2011

Description Wheel

I messed up this past weekend and thought that it was the second Sunday in the month. It wasn't obviously. I thought that it was my day for my critique group. I was wrong. While I sat around at the Barnes and Noble's I decided to read some of my writing magazines. This lead to a string of posts that I have started working on. I got a bunch of ideas from several of the articles within.

One of these articles spotlighted Judy Bridges' book Shut Up & Write! The article mentioned her "Character Wheel" which got my gears turning. I like my character interrogations and don't think I could do much with her wheel in the aspect of characters. Not entirely, at least. But, after mulling her wheel over a while I realized this would be great for describing scenery. I mean really great for me.

Bridges suggests writing a character's name in the center, circling it, and creating five "spokes." Label them, sound, touch, taste, smell, and sight. Now, draw lines off of each of the spokes, like the veins in a leaf. What does the character smell like? Add several lines to the smell spoke describing this character with smell. Do the same for the next four senses. Then focus on the unexpected details and describe the character this way.

My idea: What if I did this with scenery and setting. I think it would be a great way to help transfer your readers to the location in your book.

Your Turn -> What do you think you could use this Wheel for in your writing?

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