Monday, August 8, 2011

My Writing Bucket List

This post is based upon an article I read yesterday and just couldn't help myself. You see I subscribe to two writer magazines. Writer's Digest and The Writer. When I arrived home from vacation I found three magazines sitting on the front chair in the living room waiting for my attention. I found a fun little article in the Writer's Digest September 2011 edition: "10 Things For Every Writer's Bucket List."

After reading through it I couldn't help myself, I decided I needed to make my own Writing Bucket List. I liked a few of their ideas, but also came up with my own. I cut it down to eight things that I'd really like to do.

So here it goes; in no particular order.

1. Publish a novel - Of course this has to be on my list. Especially since I'm currently in the process of writing and editing several of them. Now to finish, polish, and publish.

2. Publish a short story - This is something that I find interesting. This is one of those things that challenges me. I have to create all the elements that go into a novel in the space of less than 2,000 words. Um, yeah, challenging to say the least for me. Therefore, it goes on the list.

3. Enter a writing contest - I think this would be best done in the short story arena. I know that both Writer's Digest and The Writer hold short story contests. So, yes I'll be writing one and submitting it to a contest this year.

4. Freelance - Not that I in any way think this is easy. Actually, quite the opposite. I think this is going to be more difficult than the short story. Still, I'd like to try this to see if I can sell a freelance writing piece. I could definitely use advice here.

5. Go to a writing conference - I am so interested in going to a writer's conference. The problem is both money and I'd like to have a polished, ready for pitching, novel before I attend. Probably not this coming year. But, who knows. Maybe I'll have one of my novels ready for this stage by the next SCBWI conference in NJ next summer. Fingers crossed.

6. Go to BEA - I drool each year when I see the blog posts and tweets about BEA. I really would love to go. Again, money and timing are an issue for me. Maybe in a couple years.

7. Win NaNoWriMo - Okay, so I participated this past year. Technically I finished the rough draft of a novel, but I did not hit the 50,000 word count. I'd like to hit that word count and "win" NaNoWriMo

8. Write a verse novel - After reading and falling in love with verse novels by Lisa Schroeder I've decided that I'd definitely like to write one. I'm working on one now, but it's not the easiest thing I've ever done. I am poetically challenged. Will it ever be published? Who knows. But, I'd definitely like to finish it and have it reading in case the possibility ever arises.

Your Turn -> What would be on your bucket list?

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