Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Simon And Schuster's Ask The Author

Writer Website Wednesday #11

What I like:

Okay, I found out about this new page set up by Simon And Schuster through The Writer Magazine, and wow. I think this is such a great tool. The basic premise is that we, the general public, can ask their authors questions.

I checked out Elana Johnson's page and found a video of her telling [me] to ask her a question. I could either type in a question or choose from the questions below. I choose from the list below and immediately got a video recorded answer from Elana Johnson herself on the screen. It was fun.

Next I decided I wanted to ask a question that wasn't listed. Unfortunately, for me, she didn't have a prerecorded answer for my question. I was prompted to list my email address and asked if I wanted to remain annonymous with the question. Then when I hit submit I received a message stating that as soon as Elana Johnson had a video of her answer I would be alerted.

My question? "How long did it take you to write Possession?"

As of this posting I haven't yet received a notice. Then again, I just sent in the question. Patience is a virtue. ;-)

What I don't like: 

I know this is a new feature on the Simon and Schuster website, but I'd love to see more authors. I know they have a wide range of Young Adult authors. There are plenty of other author's whose brains I'd like to pick at. (lol)

Your Turn -> What do you think about this Ask The Author concept? Have you checked out the site? If so, what do you like/dislike?

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