Monday, September 26, 2011

Banned Book Week 2011 - Part 1

Part I - Challenge the Challengers!

Thank goodness I am on Twitter and read other blogs. I almost missed Banned Book Week this year. I saw the hubbub last year, but didn't participate. I told myself that I would get involved this year.


Well that's simple. I don't want anyone telling me what I can or cannot read. Nor do I want someone else to take away my children's rights to read a book that they don't agree with.

In honor of Banned Books Week I checked out Crank by Ellen Hopkins from the local library and handed it over to my 13 year old daughter. Not because I thought I'd be a pushy mom, but because she specifically asked me to get it while I was there with my son this past week. Then I started seeing the Banned Book Week mentions and thought, "Perfect!" So, I guess it was just more like good timing rather than in honor of Banned Books Week.

So, yes, my 13 year old daughter is reading a book about a teen who gets addicted to crack.

That said I also think that I should mention I'm very liberal in my thinking. There isn't much I don't tolerate. Except maybe for the lack of manners or being closed minded. Those two things irk me to no end.

I also have The Hunger Games sitting on my too read shelf. I'm waiting until I have all three books in my possession to read. The trilogy is at the top of my to-read list as soon as I have all three books. I was planning on reading a different book, starting yesterday. But, then thought that maybe I would just request Catching Fire and Mockingjay from my local library. I want to be able to read them one after the other. However, I was greatly disappointed to find that I have to wait.

There's a waiting list for both books. If this book is so bad, why do so many people want to read it?


Not one person I have talked to that has read The Hunger Games Trilogy has said anything bad about it. Instead, they have all been shocked I haven't yet read it. They all tell me to run out and buy it now! I've had people offer to mail it to me from across the country just so I'll read it ASAP. Seriously, no joke!

Funny enough, it's the ones who haven't read it that think it's horrible and needs to be banned. Surprise, surprise!

Not only did I put in a request for those two books, I also put in a request for the third book in the Crank series. I grabbed the second book, Glass, for my daughter while I was there, but Fallout was not in. In fact I'm on a wait list for that one as well.

The second I get the notice that both books in The Hunger Games Trilogy are en-route to my library for me, I'll be picking up the Hunger Games. I also plan on reading the Crank series. I have yet to read it, but it is on my to read list. I would start reading Crank now, but I think my daughter might freak out if I try taking it from her. She's truly enjoying it at the moment.

I'm hoping she is finished with Crank by Friday. Why? I'd like to interview her for my Friday post on what she thinks about Banned Book Week, Banned Books, and Crank.

So, this post was called Challenge the Challengers. Why? Because I believe that reading banned books does just that. Not to mention I'd like to give those who challenge books and try to have them banned. My challenge: If a person is going to challenge a book and have it banned, they should first read the book, then fight to have it banned. They should know first hand why it's not a good book for others to read. Don't rely on hearsay. 

Your Turn -> Are you participating in Banned Books Week? Why?

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