Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Editing Fool

Well, folks that would be me, the editing fool. I started writing Barely There last year in October, dropped it for NaNoWriMo, then went back to it, then dropped it for Midnight Raynne, and now I'm finally giving it proper attention. It feels good. I have also sat down and worked out a good outline. I have tried outlining before and had a very difficult time, yet this time is different. I think part of that is because the characters have been simmering in my mind for a while now. I have pictured them doing different things and pictured scenes taking place. I now know what my characters are supposed to do. I think that helped when I outlined this time. I hope so.

Either way, I have gone back to editing. I had written 12 chapters in all before now. the first two chapters were dragging and I wasn't feeling the hook was there. So, this past weekend I cut both chapters. Threw them out and said good riddence. This felt great! I worked in what little information needed to be kept from those original two chapters into the third chapter which is now chapter 1. I'm hoping that is what it needed. Then yesterday I sat down and edited a few chapters. I still have more two more chapters to edit before I can move on to create some new content. I have new content that I want to stick in between already existing chapters, so I will have to edit, create, edit, then go back to creating.

My goal right now is to have an entire first draft done by the 22nd of October. Then I can go on to outlining and building the world for my NaNoWriMo novel this year.

Your Turn -> Have you found that your novel needs time to simmer before it can be written properly?

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