Friday, October 21, 2011

Paralyzed Without Internet

Sorry for my impromtu disappearance this past week. Last Sunday my hubby came out of bedroom saying, "I was just kicked off the PlayStation Network and it won't let me back on." I know most households boast a husband that is the tech wizard and the wife depends on him for the internet connection to be fixed. Not so in my house. I couldn't ask him to look anything up on the web to save his life. My daughter, on the other hand, was installing software at the ripe age of three. No she didn't exactly have permission, but that didn't stop her from correctly installing a game. She had watched her Grandpa and Mommy do it so many times, it just came to her.

A few minutes later my daughter came out of her room freaking out that she was just kicked of the internet as well. After a bunch of fiddling with connections and talking to a cable guy, who I could barely understand, we realized that our wireless router wasn't functioning correctly.

My daughter and I immediately went into "OMG! What are we going to do now? How can we survive?" mode. My sweet hubby started laughing and told us to calm down. I texted my parents to let them know that we were without the internet for a while. Seeing this my dad called me immediately. Within half an hour my dad sent me a text saying that he had ordered a new router and it would be here Tuesday.

Still, we were foaming at the bit to get on the internet. Friends of my daughters told her on Monday that if she hadn't been in school they were going to call 911 since she wasn't on Facebook at all. I find it funny that they were so over the top freaking out, but it's not like her to not be on Facebook for an entire day.

By Monday evening my dearest hubby was freaking out that he didn't have access to Netflix or PlayStation. It was my turn to laugh. Mwahaha!

Tuesday when the UPS truck pulled up I threw the door open squealing with joy. Poor UPS guy thought I was nuts. He had no idea just how excited I was. Within a half hour I had internet again.

Yes, I know that's quite a delay in time from when I got my internet back to when I started using it again. That's because I've been trying to make a last push to finish Barely There before November. I need to plan my NaNoWriMo project and I'm beta reading a book for a critique partner. Needless to say being away from the internet was slightly imperative.

Good news, though, I've finished Barely There and I'm almost done with the beta read. That means all of my attention can soon turn to NaNoWriMo.

Your Turn -> How badly would you be affected without your internet?


  1. I am lucky enough to have one of those tech hubbys who can fix almost any computer or internet problem we have, and can also retrieve data that I saved over from some dark hiding place in his desk! I die without my internet too. I understand your pain!

  2. Glad it was not a more serious problem and you have your internet back.

    It's scary how much I hate not having internet access. If I'm in the house and not desperately busy, I find myself "just checking something" every five minutes. And when I absolutely have to stay at the stove, or something, my iPhone comes in very handy. Gosh, should I have admitted such an addiction in public?!

  3. Kimmy and Linda,
    Oh my it was so hard not to have the internet. I've become so dependent on it.

    I'll join you in your admitting my addiction too. lol I'm constantly on my iPhone too!! I can't help myself. I found myself picking up my iPhone and reminding myself I couldn't do anything on it. Pure torture!