Friday, November 18, 2011

Overused Words

Yesterday while writing on my NaNoWriMo piece I realized that I was using the word 'though' way too much. I kept typing it in and then having to go back and delete it. I was driving myself mad with the word. It's like it was imbedded in my brain and I couldn't help type it into every possible sentence. I had to laugh at myself at first for the silliness of using the word unnecessarily. Then I started to think about how many times I have used it recently and not fixed it in my writing. That made me cringe. I'm not sure if I've been over using it and just really paid attention to it.

I know I have other words that cause me grief. I tend to use the words 'like' and 'just' an awful lot too. I actually have a check list of things I need to check when I edit and these words are there as a reminder to get rid of them. I know there was another word that I found myself using too much recently, but I forgot to write it down and now I can't remember which word it was. I'm sure I will figure it out when I read through my WIP later, but right now the idea of no knowing is driving me crazy. I will also have to add 'though' to the list as soon as I can before I forget about it.

Your Turn -> Are there any words you tend to use more than you should? What are they?

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