Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Plot Snags

I had this great outline all set and working nicely for my NaNoWriMo project. It worked wonderful for 32,000 words and then I did the big no-no and veered from my plot. I've been at an almost stand still ever since I got off on this new tangent last Saturday. I wrote nearly 5,000 words that day as I was super excited about this new turn of events.

I've been trying to figure out how this new twist will work with what I was supposed to do after that particular scene. You see my main character was supposed to just be in a tight situation, but I had to go and make it an almost death scene where she barely got out alive. Now she's all beaten up and damaged. I fear this may have been a bad move. Yet, I still have time to go before NaNo is over and now less than 15,000 words to write.

I'm hoping that at some point today I'll have the plot figured out and be back on track to writing my 2,500 words a day again. If I can pull this off then I should hit my 50K by next Wednesday. I know 15K should only take 6 days at that pace, but I'm giving myself a day for today to plot this kink out. And, I'm attending the 12:01am showing of Breaking Dawn Thursday night / Friday morning. I most likely will NOT hit my word count Friday at all. I'll be lucky if I can force myself to sit down and write at all that day. lol

Of course hitting my 50K doesn't mean that I'll be done with my story. I'm planning to reread this story making notes as I go when I'm finished with it. Then it will be shelved until January, when I will revisit it and edit the heck out of it. With luck I'll have it in amazing shape by April. My goal is to have it ready for Beta readers by March. Fingers crossed.

Your Turn -> Have you ever found yourself taking a new route with a manuscript and end up needing to re-plot the entire ending?

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