Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Time For Thanksgiving

I've seen my Facebook friends and family doing this little thing this year, where they say what they are thankful for that particular day. My problem is I had my NaNo goggles on and caught on to what they were doing way too late. There was no way I was about to try to fit in all the things I am thankful for in one day to catch up. So, I decided to to a blog instead.

Here are my things I'm thankful for, in no particular order (can't put family in order, they would all be tied for #1).

My daughter at Lake George, NY 2010.
- My 2 wonderful children! My teenage daughter helps me keep my writing real every day. I just have to eavesdrop a little (shhh, don't tell her. lol) And my 2 year old keeps me on my toes, literally. (By the by that's my daughter in the picture over there to the right.)
- My wonderfully supportive parents and sister! I couldn't ask for better. They truly are the best ever! Did I mention that my parents have been known to stand in ridiculously long lines at book signings just to get me signed books by my favorite author? Well, they do. (Wish more authors would come to the Jersey Shore. hint hint)
- My amazing husband! He never complains (okay, rarely) that I write instead of clean the house. He loves that I am writing and reaching for the stars everyday.
- Extended family and friends - They are amazing. I'm glad I have the friends and family I have. :-)
- A house over our heads - It's hard these days and sometimes we all forget just how many people out there are living in shelters or cars.
- My husband's new job - He's had to start a new job recently, and while it's not the best it's still a job and money towards bills and Christmas. He's such a wonderful man, we love him dearly.
- Coffee! I think you know what I mean.
- My laptop - If I had to write by hand I think my hand would have fallen off by now, seriously.
- Toddler sleeping in and taking nice naps - My son refuses to let me work on my computer when he's up. He has to be the center of attention, and that's fine by me. So I can only write when he's sleeping.
- My critique group - They truly have made me a better writer all around. They are amazing and extremely supportive. Love them!
- Twitter - Yes, I said it, Twitter. So what? I have found a lot of great writer friends there. Plus it's a great way to stalk follow agents I want to query.
- Books - I love books! Need I say more? Nope. :-)
- My Kindle - As much as I love real books, the Kindle makes it easy when you have kids. Especially when my son was very little and would try to rip pages out of books.
- Facebook - I know a lot of people hate Facebook, but since I only friend people I personally know and I have made everything on my account private I don't have a problem. It's the best way to keep in touch with family all over the country.
- Snack food - I love to snack while I write. Bad thing, but it's the only time I can eat things with peanuts in them. My son is allergic and he wants whatever I'm eating. So, I snack and type while he sleeps.
- Spell check - I can't forget this one. Man do I make a lot of silly errors as my fingers fly across the keyboard. 

I could keep going, but in the interest of keeping this blog at a reasonable length I'll end it here.

Your Turn -> Tell me something you are thankful for this year.

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