Monday, December 19, 2011

Blogging Schedule Change

For a while now I've been focusing on my writing more than my blog. It's at a point where something has to give. I tried for so long to keep up with my blog posts Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I even sprinkled in some Writer Website Wednesday posts and In My Mailbox posts. It just all got to be too much. I found myself spending at least a day or two writing and scheduling blogs for the week. I need to focus that time on my writing, not my blog.

So, after much deliberation I have come to the conclusion to cut back on my blogging. As of the New Year I will post on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I will also completely be getting rid of my Writer Website Wednesday (and the page that goes along with it). In it's place I will be posting a new page that has resource links for writers. I have already started working on that page and will post it when it is complete. I also will not be doing any more of the In My Mailbox posts. As much as I loved doing that, I just need to take the time for writing instead.

Also, I will not be blogging for the rest of December. I will be celebrating Christmas with my family and I'd like to not be spending my time blogging, but actually visiting instead. I doubt I will have time to blog at all, until the New Year anyhow.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season! I will see you again next year! :-)

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