Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Revising the Goals

Originally my plan was to edit Barely There over the month of December and move on to my NaNo manuscript in January. I'm seven days into December and there is no way I'm going to get done with this round of edits by January. Especially with the holidays this month. It seems as though I have got a ton of things going on and then I will be headed to Texas this year for Christmas. I knew when I worked out my goals that I might be pushing it for my December goals.

Being busy this month isn't the only thing that makes this goal unrealistic. The fact that I am moving at a snails pace through each chapter is the biggest reason. It's taking me two days per chapter, at best. I have 27 chapter. Clearly at this speed I will not be getting this round of edits done by the end of December, maybe the end of January would be more appropriate. That's okay, though. My original plan was to deal with plot, character, and flow of the story this round of edits. Then on a subsequent round I would deal with tightening, wording, and anything else I found to be troublesome. Instead, I'm doing it all at once.

Either way, I still need to look at my month by month goal sheet and alter it to reflect this change of plans. I'm just hoping it doesn't take longer than two months to get this round of edits done.

Your Turn -> Do you set writing goals? If so, do you tend to bite off more than you can chew when you write out goals?

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