Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Character Pep Talk

I haven't really gotten anywhere in my writing since I had my big break through on chapter 10 last week. Instead, I've been waffling over what POV I should be writing in. After discussing it with fellow critique partners and reading a bunch of blogs on the topic, I'm not really any closer. That is, I haven't come to a decision yet. I have rewritten chapter 1 several times, though. I now have it in first person past, first person present, and third person past. They each have their advantages and disadvantages.

In the meantime while I waffled around I came to the realization that my main character had decided it was time to take a break. Not good, since I need her to help me tell her story. Instead she decided to take a little pleasure trip elsewhere, away from my brain.

So, last night I sat down and had a little heart to heart pep talk with her. Yup, I told her that it's okay to have off days and take a vacation now and then, but playtime is over. We need to get cracking on this edit and move it along. There just isn't any possible way that Phoebe's story will ever get out to the public I've we don't work together and get the show on the road.

What do you know? Today Phoebe returned from her vacation. It seems that little pep talk worked and the story is back on track. Now my only problem is finding the time to sit down and write.

Your Turn -> Have you ever found yourself missing your main character, muse or voice, whatever you want to call it?

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