Thursday, January 19, 2012

Still Evaluating

You see that crazy woman sitting in the corner pouring over her notes, manuscript, and computer? The one right there. *Pointing at me* Yup, that's the one. I'm still evaluating my manuscript and where to go from here. I knew I was going to have work ahead back when I wrote this rough draft, but man is it tedious.

As I wrote the ending of the manuscript things came to me and I knew I needed to return to the middle and change several aspects. Well, it's time to do that and it's kicking my rear!

For the past three days I've been pouring over my manuscript, reading the entire thing, and making notes. I've got notes on what happens, what to cut, and what to add. I finally finished this step just this morning. Now I get to sit down and reorganize those notes.

Rather than sit down and line up all of my notes on my living room floor and make sure that everything flows I'm going to make use of that wonderful new software I have, Scrivener. I already used a couple days this past week to import all of my already edited manuscript into Scrivener and do the tutorial. So far I'm loving it. I think it's a wonderful program and very helpful with the way in which I write and plan. I can't wait to mess with my next manuscript entirely with the software.

I love the note card aspect of the software, because that's how I tend to plan my scenes. I'll write them all out on note cards and then spread them out. My living room gets to be a mess and the toddler loves to rearrange them. You can see why I like the computer note cards better already. So for the next few days I doubt I'll be doing much editing, instead I'll be evaluating via note cards what will come next.

I'm hoping to be back to editing by Saturday, but I'm not holding my breath. Monday is my goal day to be back to the actual editing process again.

Your Turn -> Do you step back now and then to evaluate the situation while editing?

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