Thursday, March 8, 2012

Almost Finished

I'm at that point with Barely There that I'm almost done. I've edited and polished every single chapter. I've sent every chapter to one of my wonderful critique partners, Jade. She's so good with pointing out mistakes and tightening my work. I've polished every chapter again based on her feedback. As scary as it is to have someone else read your work, it's great to see it through different eyes. She often points out inconsistencies and questions why I've done something. 

So what now?

Well, now I'm going to send it out for beta reading. In the meantime i plan on switching gears and going back to Midnight Raynne. I really would like to polish that story up enough to have it out for beta reading by May. Fingers crossed I can make that deadline. I'm actually going to take a few days to read and do some critiques first. I'm having a difficult time saying goodbye to Phoebe this time. For some reason it's more difficult to switch gears. I've been stalling on this last polishing bit. I had nine chapters to polish based on Jade's responses, and I just sat down the other day to really delve into it. I've been great at procrastinating recently.

Starting Monday I'll be delving into that project once again head first. I'm excited to be going back to Raynne, but sad to be leaving Phoebe behind. Phoebe's story is sure to have a little more work to come after the beta stage, but hopefully not as much as it needed this last time.

Your Turn -> How do you switch gears? 


  1. It takes a day or two to switch gears and really stop thinking about the other character, but then I'm full back by the other. Its like having different friends, parting is hard, but I like the other one just as much.
    Good luck with both. It sounds like you're a busy beaver.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I try to stay busy and doing some sort of writing/editing every day. Occasionally I'll take a day off, but not often. :-)

  2. Yay, congrats Heather! :D Can´t wait to read it :D
    I am currently starting a new project and sometimes it is hard to switch back but I found that since my revising will now be based on the paper version of my novel while the new project is on the screen, it might be easier...Let´s wait and see :D

    1. Oh, I love new projects. But, I'm finding I love the editing just as much! It's funny. I wish you luck with writing a new project and editing another. I can't do two at one time. I tried that last summer and I had to shelve both. I've finally gone back and finished one, but the other is still unfinished. lol

      Good Luck! :-)